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Generate Resources for Shasta County's Most Vulnerable.

Support patients in the HOPE Medical Respite Program.

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Donate today to help us make each patient's stay more comfortable!

Since opening the Hartman House facility in February, we have seen a rise in new patient admits as well as the average length of stay. We beat our own record by maintaining full capacity for almost two months straight! With a total of 449 nights booked across all of our patients in July 2022, we had our busiest month yet.

We are so happy to be gaining traction in the community and spreading awareness about the need for recuperative care services for individuals experiencing housing insecurity. The only downside is that we cannot help everyone all at once and our waitlist just seems to keep growing!

To accommodate for the increase in clientele, we have hired on seven new staff members. With the added support, we are able to provide more one-on-one time to patients in the SCHC HOPE Medical Respite Program both at the Hartman House facility and in the Scattered Site model.

Today, we ask that you consider making a donation to help us provide crucial resources like clothing, food, and personal hygiene products to patients old and new.